Local DFW Pavement Marking Experts – Stripe-A-Zone – Awarded DFW Horseshoe Project

Earlier this year, Stripe-a-Zone, Inc. was awarded the pavement markings contract for the
DFW Horseshoe Project. The Horseshoe project – which is an estimated $818 million project
– will widen interstate highways I-30 and I-35 to 23 lanes, which will accommodate around an
estimated 500,000 daily commuters.

The project started back during the 2013 summer, and will continue throughout the next four
years – with an estimated completion of 2017. The entire project also includes the replacing of
aging bridges and roads that date back to the 1930s and 50s. The new signature bridge will be
called the Margaret McDermott Bridge, which is named after philanthropist and wife of Texas
Instruments founder, Eugene McDermott.

Stripe-A-Zone will be responsible for the temporary thermoplastic striping and raised reflective
markers for all the lane shifts, lane closures, and detours during the construction phase. Stripe-A-Zone will also be responsible for installing the permanent thermoplastic striping and raised
reflective markers at the completion of the project in 2017.

Throughout the project, road closures will happen, but Stripe-A-Zone along with the other
parties involved in the construction of the Horseshoe will ensure that traffic interruption is at a
minimum during the construction process.

Thermoplastic striping has been the product of choice because of its durability, long wearing traits, and reflectiveness in the pavement markings industry. If you are planning to redo the road markings, contact us now for a free estimate!