Traffic Markers and Traffic Control Services

An Expert on Parking Lot & Road Services

Stripe-A-Zone is your dedicated resource for traffic control devices and services, including traffic buttons, traffic markers, traffic control barricades, and road lane closure signs. As the industry leader in parking lot and road services, we are committed to ensuring traffic safety for commuters and pedestrians by clearly communicating to people where they can or cannot go during your projects, as well as giving instructions to vehicles where extreme caution is necessary. Stripe-A-Zone is ready and equipped to handle all your traffic control services at any time. Our inventory of traffic control barricades makes us the traffic control company to call for any lane closures, special event directions, traffic detours, or barricaded area needs.

Our Traffic Control Devices & Services

There are various traffic control devices, which are designed to effectively convey different messages to commuters and pedestrians. Stripe-A-Zone’s traffic buttons and traffic marker applications are available for all parking and traffic safety needs:

  • Parking lot supplies: Design your own parking lots with clear instructions on how to direct traffic flow, speed and direction.
  • Pedestrian / Crosswalk Safety: Improve the visibility of crosswalk areas to protect pedestrians, alert vehicles where extreme caution is necessary, or keep crosswalk workers safe during their work.
  • Sign Posts, Delineators and Bollards: Control the flow of traffic away from trouble spots and display important signs to convey information or directions.
  • Traffic and Parking Signs: Direct the flow of traffic in crosswalk areas, parking lots, side streets, private streets, and school zones.
  • Traffic Cones and Barricades: Create visual and physical barriers in hazardous areas to call attention to specific danger spots.

Besides traffic markers and traffic buttons, Stripe-A-Zone is ready to handle all your traffic control services. We offer 24-hour road lane closure service with fully-equipped traffic control barricades, which are ready to be taken to your job at any time.

Stripe-A-Zone’s Traffic Control Excellence

Stripe-A-Zone is the leading supplier of traffic markers and traffic control devices in Texas and across the country. We are continuously improving our technology to meet the increasing needs of roadway and parking lot maintenance. We constantly monitor our inventory to ensure that we have a full supply of traffic markers, available in various shapes and sizes. We also have a full supply of reflective and non-reflective applications, which can offer both excellent daytime visibility and nighttime visibility based on our clients’ needs. Stripe-A-Zone’s traffic control devices are pre-approved by the Department of Transportation.

With a professional staff dedicated to serving your traffic control service needs, Stripe-A-Zone guarantees superior quality and dependable service. Stripe-A-Zone’s commitment to safety makes us a certified member of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

Contact us today for a full assessment of your needs and how we can provide you with the right solutions.