The Power of Sealcoating

When customers arrive at your place of business, the first thing they see is the parking lot. Your parking lot is like a forever-changing first impression. In order to make sure that your parking lot leaves a favorable first impression, you need to keep it properly maintained by sealcoating it. Without seal coating your asphalt, you can see the quality of your surface begin to deteriorate as early as the third or fourth year after placement because of wear from weather conditions and traffic along the surface.

Benefits of Sealcoating

Your asphalt is a type of petroleum that doesn’t mix well with other types of petroleum. When other forms of petroleum, such as leaking oil and gasoline from vehicles, come into contact with it, the asphalt begins to crack and potholes begin to form as the substances interact. By keeping your asphalt properly sealcoated, you can rest easy knowing that your parking lot is properly shielded from the harsh conditions and chemicals that parking lots are exposed to.

As time goes on, your parking lot will be exposed to a plethora of things that can damage it such heavy traffic, dripping chemicals from cars, and horrible weather. The sealcoating process helps slow down the aging of your parking lot, and it can help prevent deterioration. Whether you have a new or old lot, sealcoating keeps your parking lot looking black and beautiful while also protecting it from future damage. Sealcoating also keeps your customers safe, because it provides a slip-resistant surface and helps make your parking lot’s striping more visible. As a business owner, your customers’ safety should be at the top of your list, because one car ruined by a pothole-riddled parking lot could cost you a lot more than a round of sealcoating.

Sealcoating Process

The first step in sealcoating is crack sealing. Without crack sealing, the effectiveness of sealcoating diminishes because water and other fluids can get under the coating and into the asphalt. The sealcoating process is no simple walk in the park. There are a plethora of factors that must be perfect for the sealcoating process to have optimal results. Not only does the parking lot need to be totally clear of all debris, but the surface must also be maintained. Monitoring the weather both prior to applying the sealcoat and after is vital in determining the optimal time to apply the sealcoat. We know that weather is never an exact science, especially here in Texas, and we’ve had plenty of practice dealing with it.

Mixing the substances for the sealcoating process is an exact science, because one slight miscalculation could result in the entire project being wasted. So, we don’t recommend sealcoating as a DIY project. Nor should you hire some inexperienced to sealcoat your parking lot. Stripe-A-Zone is one of the most experienced pavement marking companies in Dallas, with more than 50 years of experience under our belts. Our clients love us for our expertise and reliability.

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