Sand Blasting

Professional Sand Blasting Services from Stripe-A-Zone

Professional sand blasting is one of many pavement marking and cleaning services that Stripe-A-Zone offers. If you want to clean up old pavement or repaint signs on the road, consider using Stripe-A-Zone’s sand blasting service to get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

What is Sand Blasting?

Sand blasting has been widely implemented in commercial and industrial applications since the 1800s. We use compressed air and special equipment to propel very fine bits of material, usually silica sand or small pieces of metal shot, at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Spraying sand at a high velocity toward the intended surface removes stubborn dirt and other debris that water or brooms can’t remove, so it thoroughly cleans and prepares a surface for painting. And, it removes the need to use harsh chemicals and tedious brushing to achieve the same level of surface prep. While sand blasting is widely used to remove rust and restore metal equipment and machinery, we find it works very well to clean concrete and brick surfaces.

How is Sand Blasting Used in Payment Marking Service?

Because sand blasting is so good at refreshing concrete and brick back to their new look, Stripe-A-Zone has implemented sand blasting in both cleaning existing paint and restoring old sidewalks and brick walls. We also sand blast to prepare a surface for painting, because it strips away not only old, built-up layers of paint but also removes previous coatings, dirt, grease/oils, and unwanted layers of material on the road. This restorative and cleaning procedure is used to prepare old pavement or concrete for new striping.

Stripe-A-Zone – Your Sand Blasting Experts!

While the concept and practice of sand blasting is not new, the quality, efficiency and safety of the process have continuously been improved. Whether you are removing existing paint or preparing a surface for new striping, call our sand blasting experts at Stripe-A-Zone to get the job done quickly and effectively, with the most dependable and professional service. Or get a free estimate for your sand blasting job, now!