Metal Signs

Signage that Lasts and Looks Good

Stripe-A-Zone offers a wide variety of standard and custom metal signage. All of the metal signage Stripe-A-Zone uses is in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act and Texas Accessibility Standards. This includes all traffic and handicap signs on standard or custom posts. The metal signage Stripe-A-Zone uses are made from a heavy gauge sign grade aluminum alloy, which is longer lasting and rust free even in tough weather conditions.

Coring: In addition to our signage creation, we also provide coring. Coring is the process of drilling holes in concrete so that a post or bollard can be inserted. Coring is one of the key services in our parking lot maintenance program. Stripe-A-Zone technicians are equipped with the latest tools to preform coring services in a timely and efficient manner. Not having to worry about equipment costs is a true benefit for enrolling in our maintenance program.


Metal Signage