Concrete Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops Installation for Parking Lots

Curb StopsInstalling parking stops is the next thing you have to consider after striping and sweeping the parking lot. If you’re looking for a great way to finish your parking lot project, look no further than Stripe-A-Zone’s installation services, including:

  • Wheel stops
  • Speed bumps
  • Bumper curb stops

Wheel Stop Detail & Dimensions

Precast wheel stops are commonly used in retail businesses, schools, churches and public parking lots to protect structures like signage, utility poles, shopping carts, and other parked vehicles from accidental vehicular impacts. Parking curbs are also used to line sidewalks and protect pedestrians from vehicles.

Wheel stops are a great way to transform a beaten down parking lot back in to a welcoming parking area. The wheel stops manufactured by Stripe-A-Zone are designed to maximize durability and safety for both parked vehicles and surrounding structures. Curb stop dimensions vary by length and shapes to accommodate different precast concrete curb applications.

Concrete vs. Rubber Wheel Stops

Concrete parking stops have long been an essential choice for any parking lot and garage. Concrete’s durability varies depending on whether or not it is exposed to other elements. Concrete parking stops are ideal for indoor facility, such as a parking garages, since regular exposure to heat, moisture and water will result in quicker wear-and-tear. Concrete wheel stops are very heavy and require a few people to install.

However, of all current choices, concrete wheel stops are still the most inexpensive option.

Recycled rubber wheel stops, which are made from 100% recycled tires, are a recent alternate to concrete parking stops. Besides their environmentally friendly advantage, they are favored because of their high resistance to UV light, moisture, oil and extreme temperatures. That makes them very durable and rubber wheel stops require little maintenance in both outdoor and indoor facility. Additionally, rubber wheel stops are very easy to install because of their lighter weight. Rubber wheel stops are more expensive to install than concrete parking stops initially, but they pay back that initial investment over time through longevity.

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Stripe-A-Zone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete and rubber parking stops in Texas. Through our current expansions, innovative ideas and professional staff, we are committed to quality workmanship with the latest technology and affordable prices for all our customers.

At Stripe-A-Zone, we have years of experiences in delivering quality service and customer satisfaction. As a leader in parking lot services, we are always working to offer you the highest quality and most affordable parking stops. As always, Stripe-A-Zone offers custom installation for all your concrete wheel stop and rubber wheel stop needs. Contact us today and get free estimates for our wheel stops products.

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