Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Services in the Dallas Area

Do you have a re-stripe or inspection coming up? The trained experts at Stripe-A-Zone will come out and inspect your facility in a timely manner to make sure you’re prepared. With years of experience in the pressure washing business, Stripe-A-Zone is a leading service provider for pressure washing. With an experienced staff on hand, Stripe-A-Zone can handle any pressure washing job no matter how big or small. We even have emergency, around-the-clock pressure washing service.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the best and most-effective way to get rid of loose paint, dirt, spills, mildew, calcium deposits, gum, and other materials that can collect in front of your business and detract from its appearance. Preparing your existing lines for new paint is critical to the life and overall appearance of your re-striping project. At Stripe-A-Zone, we use the Cyclone Advance TR5000, the best available machinery for pressure washing. Our pressure washing process is not only faster and cleaner, but it’s also better for the environment!

Our equipment’s cleaning tools are chemical-free. Plus, we are able to reduce water use by recycling as we go because the Cyclone system will reclaim the water that is used to clean the surface. We pride ourselves on using the most environmentally friendly pressure washing service available. Another benefit to our exceptional pressure washing machine is its ability to perform one-pass cleaning, drastically reducing the time we spend on cleaning and the time you wait for your newly cleaned parking lot.

While many people do not pressure wash their parking lots and garages, it is recommended that you pressure wash your parking lot or garage at least once a year to maintain cleanliness and the serviceable condition of your garage or parking lot. Pressure can also blast through greasy fluids from oil and transmission leaks that can create slipping hazards, and it can get rid of unsightly graffiti and weeds, moss or other plant growth.

Allow us to restore the look of your parking lot and sidewalks by removing ground-in dirt and grime. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver exceptional pressure washing services. Contact us today to join our list of satisfied customers. At Stripe-A-Zone, we understand that each business has its own individual needs and each location has its own intricacies. That is why we work with you to provide customized and flexible pressure washing options that keep your parking patterns, traffic patterns, and business hours in mind. Stripe-A-Zone has the best pressure washing services around. Let our pressure washing experts restore and beautify your lot.

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