Retroreflectivity Readings

The pavement marking experts at Stripe-A-Zone have the latest in striping and reflectivity technology. The Laserlux CEN 30 mobile retoreflectometer is one of the best devices in the industry. The Laserlux measures the reflectivity of pavement markings using a scanning laser source with a width of 1.1 meters. It has the ability to report the contrast of data and reflectivity measurement anywhere within the scan width. This enables Stripe-A-Zone to offer an inexpensive and accurate way to read the reflectivity of pavement markings to make sure that a restripe is needed. Stripe-A-Zone is the first company in the country to be certified by The Texas Transportation Institute, which certifies them to operate the Laserlux retroreflectometer.

Stripe-A-Zone created a useful template that breaks down the data and makes it easy for a consumer to understand.

  • Full information on the road being tested
  • Line averages and pass/fail percentages
  • Line graphs visually showing the increases and decreases in the road
  • All the data points read on both sides of the stripe
  • GPS location, average speed, and stripe type
  • In-cab DVD recording of the road

Stripe-A-Zone created this system to help the consumer get an accurate outlook on where to start their striping investment and to make sure that money is not wasted on a striping service that is not needed.