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Airport Signs and Markings – Interpret the Hidden Language


As a frequent flyer, you’ve probably gazed out the window on landing or take-off and pondered the meaning of all the yellow and white airfield markings on the runways and taxiways. There is indeed a language of runway markings that…

Winter Is Coming – You Should Seal Coat and Crack Seal to Prepare


Your asphalt surface goes through hundreds of hours of wear and tear of all sorts. Whether you’ve got issues from sodas being spilled on it or oil leaking from vehicles – you still want your asphalt surface to look its…

Local DFW Pavement Marking Experts – Stripe-A-Zone – Awarded DFW Horseshoe Project


Earlier this year, Stripe-a-Zone, Inc. was awarded the pavement markings contract for the DFW Horseshoe Project. The Horseshoe project – which is an estimated $818 million project – will widen interstate highways I-30 and I-35 to 23 lanes, which will…