Winter Is Coming – You Should Seal Coat and Crack Seal to Prepare

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Your asphalt surface goes through hundreds of hours of wear and tear of all sorts. Whether you’ve got issues from sodas being spilled on it or oil leaking from vehicles – you still want your asphalt surface to look its best. That’s where seal coating and crack sealing come in. A seal coat is a layer of material that is applied to a surface that has just been asphalted, whereas, crack sealing is the process where existing cracks are sealed using a polymer liquid.

Seal coating protects the asphalt from aging and collecting water in its pores. Water and other liquids can cause cracks in the asphalt when they freeze and expand. Even if you haven’t seal coated, you can still recover your lot by crack sealing, to prevent your cracks from getting worse. Winter is coming, and the rough weather can wreak havoc on your asphalt from the constant freezing/melting/refreezing of water. Using both of these methods in tandem can add years to your asphalt lot.

Here at Stripe-A-Zone, we use two types of equipment for sealing: the EZ Series II 1000 Melter/Applicator for crack sealing and the SR-850 Extreme Seal Coat Trailer Unit for seal coating. The seal coating experts at Stripe-A-Zone have years of experience in the field. Our past work includes surface work for AT&T Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas North Tollway / President George Bush Turnpike. So, for your seal coating or crack sealing needs, trust the experts at Stripe-A-Zone.