Edward M. Milkie

Chief Financial Officer
Stripe-A-Zone Corporation

Edward M. Milkie joined Stripe A Zone Corporation in January 2013 as Chief Financial Officer for the corporation. Mr. Milkie comes to Stripe A Zone following a 34 year career in the financial services industry. He began his career in finance in 1979 when he was employed with E.F. Hutton Company. After training in New York he returned to work in their downtown Dallas, TX. office for 3yrs. He was then recruited by Lehman Bros. Where he instituted their insurance department for the sale of annuities and other investment related insurance products. He was again recruited to a Texas based firm, Rotan Mosle. On the eighth day of his tenure there, they were purchased by Paine Webber. Mr. Milkie remained with Paine Webber for the next 3yrs. In 1986 he made the decision to open his own investment firm. Milkie / Ferguson Investments, Inc. started with two people in a 500 sq. ft. office that would grow over the next 26 yrs. Into a 60 broker, 75 employee and 3 office firm.

During his career in the financial services industry, Mr. Milkie was an active member of various industry organizations as well as serving in an elected position for 3 yrs. on the District Business Conduct Committee of The National Association of Security Dealers District #6. He also served for 2 yrs. as Chairman of the Nominating Committee for the district. In his career Mr. Milkie has been elected to and served on the Board of Directors for two corporations, one private and one public.

In his private life Mr. Milkie has been and remains a member of several benevolent , charitable and service organizations. One of his most proud accomplishments is serving on The Committee on Investments from 1995 to 2005 in a statewide capacity for a worldwide organization. The last three years of his tenure he served as Chairman of that committee.

Mr. Milkie grew up in Dallas, TX. He attended The University of Texas at Arlington graduating in 1975 with a B.A. degree. He has a double major of Finance and Marketing. He has been married to his wife Becky since 1985. They have one daughter Mary. Mr. Milkie has been a very close friend of the Sargent family for over 40 yrs.